Message from the Board of NMP

NMP is excited about the potential of the Sandpiper project to enhance the economy of Namibia, to provide quality jobs for the Namibians, to assist in producing the raw phosphate material the world needs to feed itself, to grow and to prosper, and to reward its shareholders.

Production from many of the world's major phosphate source areas are in decline, and other supply regions are politically unstable. Namibia has the potential, with the vast resources so far outlined by NMP at Sandpiper, and in a continuation of the phosphate belt beyond the NMP tenements, to become a major world supplier.

A simple shallow dredging of a very small area annually of Namibia's continental shelf can assist in this local, national and global aim.

NMP believes it can be done with minimal impact on the environment and Namibia’s important fishing industry.

As it is such a large resource, the project is likely to be sustained for over a century, providing long-term benefits to Namibia and its citizens.

In the future, and subject to gaining all necessary approvals from the Namibian Government, NMP is keen to undertake a second stage development to produce high value finished fertilisers which can enhance the land productivity of Namibia, neighbouring countries and the importing world.

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